Mudrock Reservoir Properties

Determine mudrock properties to characterize and model the reservoir

Mudrock Reservoir Properties (MRP)

MRP is W.D. Von Gonten Laboratories' proprietary method of establishing porosities and saturations through integration of both thermal and solvent extration methods. The integration of both methods allows for faster turnaround time and more consistent and repeatable results


Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA-MS)

Thermogravimetric analysis is a method for measuring sample weight over time, while ramping the temperature to preprogrammed isothermal points. Simultaneously, a mass spectrometer is used to measure the content of the gases that evolve from the sample during this process of heating. Together, TGA-MS analysis allows a quantification of fluids within a rock sample based on the thermal energy required to liberate the volatile species.


Gas Chromatography (GC)

Gas chromatography measurements conducted on fluids provide insight into the composition of the liquid hydrocarbons extracted from samples.


Nitrogen Adsorption (BET)

Nitrogen adsorption measures surface area as a function of the pore size distribution. The measurement is significant in characterizing clay-rich organic shale reservoirs.